Rave Kicks - Techno (Kick Loops - One Shots)

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LABEL: Samplesdesign

Rave Kicks by Samplesdesign

Introducing our Rave Kicks sample pack, a sonic journey into the heart of the electronic underground. Dive into a collection of meticulously crafted kicks that encapsulate the pulsating energy and relentless groove of rave music. From thunderous, chest-rattling thumps to crisp, high-energy punches, these kicks are designed to ignite dancefloors and elevate your productions to the next level.

With a range of tonalities, this pack is your passport to creating explosive beats that resonate with the spirit of the rave.

Get ready to infuse your tracks with the raw power and infectious rhythms that define the rave experience. Elevate your sound today with our Rave Kicks Sample Pack!


  • 50 x Kick Loops
  • 50 x One Shots