One Track Mix + Master

One Track Mix + Master


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Get the top quality master for your production with our specialised sound engineers. 48h and will get you sorted. Add to the cart the service, Check out and than follow the instruction below. 


You need to bounce WAV/AIFF files of 24BITS/44.1KHz.

To do so, you must keep every process you have applied to your stems ON (EQ, compression, FX, etc.) and your master bus clear of any process.

Leave the maximum peak at -3dB and check that there is no clipping anywhere.


Done bouncing? Drop all your files in a blank project to listen to them and check that everything is correct.

Then name all your files by its content and pack them all in a ZIP or RAR file and send it over to using WeTransfer or any similar platform.


You can also add a reference track made by yourself or another artist. It will help us to understand better what you’re looking for and what you like. A text file with few notes would do the job as well.

When sending the files, send us also an e-mail or use our contact form to introduce yourself and let us know what service you want to hire for your tracks. We’d love to know more about you!