Beginner's Guide to Bus Processing - Fabfilter VST Software Tutorial

In this tutorial, Dan Worrall explains the basics of bus processing, e.g. the advantages of grouping channels and processing them together, master bus processing, etc.




FabFilter Pro-Q 3 - 24 band Dynamic EQ

24 band Dynamic EQ w Dolby Atmos Support. Highest possible sound quality, unrivalled interface workflow.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Software Page


FabFilter Saturn 2 - Multi-band Distortion with Visual Mod

Distortion and saturation play a very important role in music production. From subtle, clean and warm tube or tape saturation to the wildest multiband guitar amp effects: FabFilter Saturn 2 delivers.

FabFilter Saturn 2 Software Page


FabFilter Volcano 3 - Filters with unique character

Volcano 3 sees the introduction of a completely reimagined interface, a raft of new vintage-style filter shapes, per-filter saturation control, full visualization of modulation sources and targets, and much more.

FabFilter Volcano 3 Software Page