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ABOUT Deep House Sample Pack

This is Samplesound’s space completely dedicated to Deep House. Born in the ’90 from the turntables of Chicago, deep house is best known for its female vocals, paddy chords and deep basses.

Nowadays it’s mainly characterized by deeper tones and hypnotic synth sounds accompanied with a large use of percussions, texture, atmospheric pads and Fx, complex chords and rich basses. 

Here you can find all the musical content you need to get inspired by deep house influence. Loops, One Shot, Vocals, Fx, Presets, MIDI file. Discover sample packs from Samplesound, Audiosample, Hotfinger records, Reimann Kollection, Chop Shop and many more. 

All the samples are 100% royalty free and ready to be integrated instantly in your workflow.

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Deep house is characterized by deep beats and musical compositions that are often made up of percussions, texture, atmospheric pads, chords, rich bass lines. Here you will find an assortment of deep house sounds and MIDI files


All the Deep House samples we offer are completely royalty-free and ready for use in your own work right away.

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