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We are proud to present the all-new Samplesound Music Production Academy. Discover a library of tutorial videos and expert tips with all the ins and outs of music production. Music production school doesn’t have to be boring. With Samplesound’s Academy, you will be able to learn from top producers and artists all within the comfort of your own home. If you're interested in making your own music or even just improving what you already have, then this is the place.

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Music Production and Sound Design

improve your music production knowledge with Samplesound's Academy

Are you tired of all the tutorials on YouTube that are either too long, poorly explained, or just dull? Then fret no more because we have a solution for you. Our team at Samplesound's Academy has created videos that will teach and improve your music production knowledge and be entertaining! Watch our Samplesound design tutorials to learn how to make your first beat, write songs, or even master the noise gate technique. Our tutorials can teach you how to change FX from subtle enhancement to gnarly destruction by adding distortion effects in different ways! Learn from our experts on a variety of projects in audio engineering, mixing, mastering, and participate in top-level courses like "Advanced Sound Design."

learn how to produce techno, Tech House, Minimal, trap, funk....

Samplesound Academy’s Music Production School is an immersive experience where artists can learn how to produce in different genres such as Afro House, funk, techno, and more. This learning platform is unlike any other available today; it provides a journey for discovery that will have you coming back again and again with new knowledge from your explorations. Embark on a journey of discovery into the world of music production. Samplesound has prepared informative videos and tutorials for you covering all aspects of producing, from sound design to mastering. This is your chance to learn how talented producers create masterpieces and chart-topping albums!