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How to build a track using a Sample Pack

How to build a track using a Sample Pack

In this video our friend Distilled Noise shows you how to build a track from scratch starting only from the Samples of the new pack of Samplesound - Artist Series Luca Bacchetti.

SAMPLE PACK: Artist Series - Luca Bacchetti

 ✔Afro, Deep & Electronic Sounds

When you invest in this premium afro house sample pack, you are eligible to participate in SAMPLESOUND’s brand-new artistic contest. You must create a song using at least three samples found in Luca Bachetti’s new collection to participate. The winner of this contest will have the opportunity to have his music released on ENDLESS, Luca Bachetti’s very own label. 

Simply create a free SAMPLESOUND account, purchase the sample pack, create your song, and post a short video of your production session to Instagram. Be sure to follow and tag SAMPLESOUND and Luca Bachetti’s Instagram pages on your entry. Last, send your song to In addition to having your music released, the winner will receive a €100 coupon to SAMPLESOUND. Download this royalty-free Luca Bachetti sample pack and get started today!


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