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How to Create Deep House Chords From Scratch

How to Create Deep House Chords From Scratch

In this video we will learn how to re-create some of the typical stab and pad soundsfound in Deep House, Deep Techno and Minimal.We will build them from scratch, by learning how to make min7th and min9th chords,how to apply the swing, and how to synthesise the actual sound from zero.We’ll also have a look at what’s called ‘parallel chords’ and how to make them withthe Ableton’s MIDI Effect named ‘Chord’.


Sound, art and technology are at the core of Luca’s research. Currently based inMilan, Luca has always been involved in various aspects of the electronic musicworld, from production, sound design and DJing, to manufacturing synthesizers andDSP research.Ableton Certified Trainer since 2009, Luca regularly teaches Ableton Live in Milan,both at the 4CMP school and as a private tutor in his own studio. He also lectures atthe CESMA institute in Lugano. His classes range from Ableton Live Basics to Advanced Music Production and Sound Synthesis Techniques.

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