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How to Make Industrial Techno with Tapefeed

How to Make Industrial Techno with Tapefeed

Hey everyone here's rick vallio one alpha tape feed and in this video i'm going to show you how you can use some of the samples you can find in the new tape fit sample pack in different creative ways to begin with i've already created a drum rack here with different one-shot sounds.

SAMPLE PACK: Tapefeed Industrial Techno

 ✔Tapefeed Industrial Techno  

We have a normal kick sound without any processing we created a little bit of extra rambo by looping and filtering top frequencies of this other kick sound and then we also have some hats

that have been slightly processed maybe reversed or we added a little bit of effects

awesome now let's add some snare sounds so we head over to the snare one shot folder let's produce some of these sounds

and i'm gonna go straight to the number 14 as i really like this one let's place it into the drum rack and let's try to be creative with it so first of all i'm gonna put some notes in classic two and four

we're gonna warp it

and we're gonna use the bit mode but the loop mode of the transient would be just single and i'm going to switch here the transient mode to 16th note so that when we decrease the envelope length we start to get some glitches

and also we can stretch this sound

awesome then we can add another snare sound also let's try to be creative

awesome let's use this one here

great and i'm going to reverse it and just use a little bit of the tail

let's record something in awesome let's quantize it quick and let's have some effects maybe a frequency shifter

and a delay to make it techno straight away

awesome so we have a good foundation here let's start building something else and perhaps would be nice to put some lead sound so let's go back into the sample pack folder and there's some modular lead loops over here

awesome let's use this loop here however i'm gonna place it into a simpler and we're going to slice it up so that we can play the different some different sounds in a different way and i'm also going to put an arp

here to play the instrument

let's find different devices this one could work

there's lots of interesting stuff

awesome also let's try to add some effects to also enhance what we have over here so we can start by adding a chorus

then an amp and an echo

we can also play with the filter a little bit uh perhaps when we start arranging everything let's write this down kind of like these slices here

Awesome then we can let's add one last thing so here in the effects folder we have one siren effect in c

and also we can make use of the character of the sound to create perhaps a pat sound

can loop it, i deliver fade, maybe let's add a reverb quickly and a little bit of saturation.

Awesome so we have a good foundation here to start a new track hope you enjoyed the video and if you'd like to get the pack please head over to the sample sound website thank you for watching and see you all around soon

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