How to mix in stereo... without sucking in mono (part 2)

Part 2: Timing... the secret of great stereo.

Timing differences between the left and right channels can sound great in stereo, and as a bonus will also seem much more spacious on headphones, but you need to be careful about mono compatibility.

What happens when you delay one channel by a tiny amount ("Haas delay"), what then happens when you sum them to mono ("comb filtering"), and shows how to use the technique in practise without creating mono compatibility issues.

If you missed part 1, this is the link: How to mix in stereo... without sucking in mono (part 1)



FabFilter Volcano 3 - Filters with unique character

Volcano 3 sees the introduction of a completely reimagined interface, a raft of new vintage-style filter shapes, per-filter saturation control, full visualization of modulation sources and targets, and much more.

FabFilter Volcano 3 Software Page