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How you Can Make the Samples Your Own - Michael Klein

How you Can Make the Samples Your Own - Michael Klein

How you Can Make the Samples Your Own with Michael Klein

hi everyone, this is mike klein i'm super excited to talk to you about my new sample pack mainly records on this modular system, but today i actually don't want to go through the samples individually i just want to show you how you can make the samples your own because i think with sample packs there's always the fear that in the end everybody's going to sound the same who's using the samples but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case so just let me show you some tips and tricks on how to make those samples your own.

let's go so let's look into the sequencing pack of mine let's just quickly throw in some cake loop in here and maybe exactly some hats just so we have foundation to work with so now maybe let's look at some modular leads let's see what we're gonna like here let's maybe take this one so what i'm doing most of the time then basically one of the one of the things that i do when it comes to making a loop like this more mine and having it like develop over time and also like give it a little bit of randomness.

Is obviously you're working with effects so let's see what i'm doing for example is i really like the format filter which is a native instruments guitar rig switch it to stereo real quick and within traktor's 12 there is something called format filter and let's see what what effect it's going to have.

Here it's basically a format filter sweeping up and down based on my control so what i like to do then is to introduce a little bit of randomness here so rather than me tweaking the knob or writing automation data i like to work with lfos so within max for life there is this audio effect called lfo here and then basically i just make this one knob your map tool and assign it to that editor so maybe it's going a little bit too far let's tame it a little bit and let's change it from sign to random so you already hear that it's introducing quite some quite some random movement into the sample but if you want to go you can obviously go even further like working with more effects chaining up more effects which then even increases the complexity of the randomness so what else i really like to do is:

izotope has an amazing plugin called trash and then we move the compressor to the end of the chain and let's see what trash can do.

it's more classic textures there we go so we have something quite uh quite aggressive so i think you're going to be able to hear it better what the effect actually is so i'm also going to expose that dry wet parameter now to keep it simple and i'm going to duplicate an lfo and now assign it to the global mix if you also keep it also keep random maybe give it a slightly different rate and now let's see how it sounds compared to the loop without any effects and obviously you can control those parameters then like make it non not so random during parts of your of your arrangement to actually have a little bit more control for example during breakdowns and drops.

Let's see for example how how it behaves like the same chain how it would behave in something else maybe let's look at some modular bases here something like that one what's also always cool is to work with more buffer style defects as well so something that kind of chops up uh the sample as well so there's something something else in your beat slicer and now it's basically that effect is basically slicing the sample rearranging it in a different pattern you can play with the parameters anyways i think you get the idea that basically samples that are made by somebody else in this case by me.

you can really make them your own quite easily working with effects chopping them up editing them so i think there is no worry of everybody suddenly sounding the same because they're using the same sample pack so this is one of the tricks that i'm frequently using when working with some material so i hope you like the pack hope you enjoyed this and yeah can we post it what you think about cheers

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