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Izotope Iris 2 Sample Based Synth Review

Izotope Iris 2 Sample Based Synth Review

Get Review of  IZOTOPE Iris 2 and how it works by our partner HigherHZ.


in this video we're looking at iris 2 from izotope it has been out for a long time now but its value proposition appears to have changed quite a bit from when it first came out it is a truly fascinating instrument for a sand designer it's built on samples but it's really a synthesizer that's just got a hole in the back or four holes in the back for you to plug samples into by my saying sampler please don't immediately think that this just makes it a a beat maker for loops and drums and

stuff there's nothing to stop you from putting drums into this and doing interesting things with them but it's greater strength lies in how you approach using those samples that you put in which we will look at a lot more as we go it's got sort of a simple architecture but sort of a complex or unusual architecture at the same time your oscillator is a sample you can have up to four of them one two three that one's not loaded but generally you'll look at one at a time you can switch across and look at those as a waveform but you will find mostly you're looking at them in this format which makes sense as we go as will the strange bloopy looking shape you've then got five lfo modulators five envelope odulators and controllers and there are actually macros as well you've got some sample controls send effects i didn't look at it at all but you've got the same effects as

masters and one filter so your four samples can go through one filter and then nice filters and out of that it's how it works how it comes together as well as the the nice sound from the filters and how they manage the oscillator forms uh that you get this really beautiful instrument especially for pads doesn't mean you can't make anything with it but it's it's it's an absolute i don't want to say beast because that makes it sound nasty but it's a beautiful device for pads let's have a quick look through as soon as i got it i made a piece with it straight away just no thoughts was like oh that's a great sound i'm using that so we'll dip through insects no samples of insects used here pure synthesis big fat pad lots of ovement again just a sample and sentences drums synth brass another lead sound and bringing it all together and just so you can see absolutely everything is done with iris iris ii the only thing that that has any extra is this bell sand which has an extra

frequency shifter not pitch shifter but frequency shifter in the delay pretty standard on the setup and one of my own reverbs to bring the whole thing together so again really really nice synth just straight away had me go yeah i'm going to make a piece of music with this now that's the second time that has happened for me with this instrument iris i remember when it came out but it's going back quite a lot of years now i remember iris ii in particular being released and being very sort of like oh bad at the 150 mark at that time it was not a thing i could realistically justify moving to seeing i had access to everything i really needed at the timebut i picked it up about a year ago and i have a sneaky feeling it might have come free i really can't remember the circumstances in which i got it but i got it and straight away made a piecewith it and was like wow it's just you know for me and this just connected and we flow together really nicely.

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