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Musical Background Using Noise Gate Technique

Musical Background Using Noise Gate Technique

How make Musical Background Using Noise Gate Technique with Distilled Noise


 ✔Blade Ghetto House  

 ✔Dimel Minimal Tech House

hey guys how's it going my name is francesco i make minimal house music as distill noise and today i'm here for sample sound to show you how i make musical backgrounds for my tracks using their drum loops and their percussion loops before starting i just want to tell you that i have a youtube channel named distill noise where i share videos about minimal house music production so if you're interested in this topic consider taking a tour and subscribing to the channel let's get it started so here i have a project that it's almost finished because everything is there the drums are there the scenes are there um i just need to add this background that i was trying to make and i i think that this technique that i want to show you could fit this truck so the first thing that i want to do i already have an instrument here a bulitzer with few effects that now are switched off but as switched on as i i've done the i've recorded the notes so i just want to record a very simple line with one or two notes to start so

okay something like this it doesn't sound very nice right now so we we sure need something to make this more interesting all these effects help for sure so you can see here i have a gate and this would be part of this technique

okay so guitar rig six together with grain delay already are doing a big part they're changing a lot of the sound but this is not the point it's still a very present and uh you know sometimes it can be a little bit too much for a background because if i play it together with the rest it still doesn't sound right so the point of this technique is using a gate to receive a signal a sidechain signal from a drum loop so something which is a little bit rhythmic it could be a drum loop it could be a percussion loop it could be also a sound loop but with rhythmic stops so it can give a rhythm to something which at the moment is not so rhythmic at this moment it doesn't have any input so we'll create another uh audio track and at this point we need to look for a drum loop or anything in between so i'll sidechain this to track number 30 which is my audio track and let's go look for some sample the packs that i'm going to use and to look in between are these two here which are two new packs from uh sample sound the first one is daimle minimal tech house and the second one is blade ghetto house let's first look in this so i'll go look for drum loops so let's try with this let's open a new gate because i want to show you the default settings and how to change them and now this is what you see so side chain channel number 30. let's put the return at the same level as the threshold

so now you can see that in the default mode you have a very sharp attack so i want to lower this a little bit

and slower down slow down the release so i also deleted the grain delay i don't know how did it let's put it again and of course you have to move this one this truck here and as soon as you you found um the settings for for for this you should start trying different with different loops to trigger so let's go back to sample packs

let's try with this okay

so this sounds pretty good this is without and let's try with it

so you can add then a little bit more uh delay just to make the sound go on but the big part of the sound is stopped by the uh gate so the sound will be quieter and it's more pleasant to hear

if you want a slower decay on your sound so if you don't want the sound to immediately get cut after the sidechain signal goes under the threshold you increase the release time so let's do an example very fast release it doesn't sound very pleasant

this is already a little bit better and the attack if it's too fast it doesn't sound good at all

i mean it sounds too percussive i don't like this so let's make it slower

okay and so you see that the point here is finding a good pattern a good uh sequence for your sound but then finding the right loop so now we've been lucky i've just went through a little bit of the sound in the drum loops of this uh minimal tech house pack but sometimes it can take a little bit more so you go through all the different loops that you have in the pack you could also try just moving the starting point of your loop just to give a different rhythmic behavior to your sound

and this always need to be tested together with all the other sounds in your track

i think this is perfect and that's it so as you can see it's a very simple technique let's give it one more uh listen without the background

with the background

let's check the most important part of the truck all together

and that's it guys so i hope this technique triggered in you some ideas so these are uh all the sample packs from sample sound that you could experiment with try using different loops different percussive percussion loops but also try with musical stuff that could be interesting to see the effects all these loops have on the side chain on the gate and what is the final effect on your sound on your piano on your synth whatever you use as the sound that gets modified by the gate so hope you enjoyed this and i see you in the next one just guys bye bye

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