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Tech House Production Inspired by Hot Creations

Tech House Production Inspired by Hot Creations

Unlocking the Secrets of Hot Creations' Tech House Sound in Bitwig Studio

In our blog, we share tips, techniques, and analyses of successful tracks to help you improve your productions. In this video, we'll focus on creating Tech House music using Bitwig Studio, taking inspiration from the recent Hot Creations release produced by Bruno Forlan. His track features a bongo sound that repeats with various rhythms throughout the song. In this article, we'll show you how we recreated a similar sound and rhythm using Bitwig's PolyGrid.

Setting up the project in Bitwig Studio

To start, open Bitwig Studio and create a new project. Set the project tempo between 120 and 130 BPM, which is typical for Tech House music. Next, add an audio track and an instrument track to start working on your sounds.

Creating the bongo sound with PolyGrid

PolyGrid is a powerful modular environment in Bitwig Studio that allows you to create a wide range of sounds and textures. To recreate the bongo sound featured in Bruno Forlan's track, we used two samplers, each containing a conga and bongo sound. The percussion sounds pass through two envelopes that shape the sound and end up in a mixer connected to the main output.

Managing triggers and creating rhythms

The interesting part of this technique involves managing the triggers that start the samples. We created three different rhythms using trigger modules, an LFO module, and a clock division module. Through selection modules, we decide which signal to pass for sample control. The selection of these modules is managed by buttons. We took advantage of PolyGrid's macros to create modulations and automate the rhythm of the sounds

Integrating with other track elements

Now that you've created the bongo sound and rhythm, it's time to integrate it with the other elements of your Tech House track, such as basslines, synths, and additional percussion. Make sure to balance the mix, using equalization and compression to ensure the bongo sound is well integrated into the track.

Samplesound Academy

Thanks to the use of Bitwig Studio's PolyGrid and the management of triggers and rhythms, we were able to recreate the bongo sound featured in the recent Hot Creations release produced by Bruno Forlan. We hope these techniques help you find inspiration for your Tech House productions and further explore the potential of PolyGrid in Bitwig Studio.



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