The secret of maximum loudness (part 2) - Fabfilter Pro-L2

The secret of maximum loudness (part 2)

In this second part of the series, Dan Worrall will reveal the secret of achieving maximum loudness for your music, regardless of whether you mix/master for CD or streaming services. And it might not at all be what you think...

For check the "Loudness Penality": Link here

Find out if your music will be turned down by YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music and more.



FabFilter Pro-L 2 - True peak Limiter with Surround Sound

A true peak limiter is an essential tool for every mastering or mixing engineer. Are you looking for a professional, feature-packed limiter that is loud and transparent at the same time, equipped with extensive loudness metering? Then FabFilter Pro-L 2 is your weapon of choice!

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