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Tips for Mixing with Slap Delay

Tips for Mixing with Slap Delay


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hi everybody what's up welcome to sample sound music my name is guido i'm over from cat and beats and today we are gonna go over a tiny little trick again in regards to mixing make sure to subscribe to this channel give it a little like leave a comment in the comment section but before you leave that comment in the comment section we're gonna do a fun little trick all right so i have two sends set up here we have send a and send b send a and send b are both exactly the same but when i press send a or send b in the mix itself you'll notice that one of them sounds a little bit different but they have exactly the same processing what is going on well stick around to find out and leave in the comment section if you can actually hear the difference i do suggest some headphones uh regardless let's have a quick little listen to the mix before in the mix after the mix before was like this and my main gripe or my main thing to setting up a send i send is basically parallel processing is that with this parallel processing i wanted the supporting piano background stabs and the wood cord riff to be have a little bit more top end so right now it's before it sounded like this and i needed a bit of pop and that it will come out in the mix that's all super easy now let's do a quick

game okay i'm gonna press a and b i'm gonna let this thing play through and we're going to go into the section where the lead also comes in and i want you to just with your headphones have a listen and tell me if a or b comes through in the mix a little bit better remember it's just the top end and we need this to fit with the lead that's all all right so what is the tiny secret little trick well it's not a secret at all you know all those youtube videos that always say there's a secret they're not secrets this trick was invented back in 1950 and was made famous with elvis presley so check it out it's super super simple we have a tiny little bit of delay set up on this one send when you set up a tiny little bit of delay you can call the slapback delay if you like with a slapback delay you create a tiny bit of space so if you have for instance vocals that you really need to come out but you're setting up a send and you're pushing it really hard and it's just not coming out enough you can give that tiny little edge so that the listener goes poop okay there it is that's nice that works with the mix because all the other elements are cluttering it for instance okay so that is the tiny little difference now the cool part is back then you had to use a big old tape machine and it would be really annoying and you couldn't really color the slap delay but now it's super simple to color the slap delay via overdrive or putting a chorus on us or a flanger or whatever crazy idea you have you can put it on it the main idea is to just get the delay knob and to set the time right for the track okay how do you set the right time for the track well you first make this nice and loud you play back the track there we go just going to loop this is my preferred method is as soon as i can start hearing it going off the beat a little bit then most likely it's going to work if you want a more of a slowed down vibe more dreamy then slow this down more you want to perform a beat then you know get it like exactly on the beat which we right about there and then put on your your set number exactly that tiny simple trick is going to give your mix a bit more depth it's going to give your mix a something to stand out from other people that are forgetting about this tiny little trick and just the concept of being able to move that time shift over a tad you can also apply that to layers of a synthesizer for instance so you can create space but i would suggest using it at sends in the mix level first just to see you know if you if you do have some tracking like i really do like it if i push my send more it becomes distracting and it's detached again then leave it at that one level and just adjust this send time that's it super simple trick i rarely see it used but it's very very effective all right much love peace out take care and i'll see you in the next tiny tip video

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