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10 Essential VST Plugins for Tech House Producers

10 Essential VST Plugins for Tech House Producers


Tech house music has gained immense popularity in recent years, known for its groovy basslines, infectious rhythms, and intricate sound design. Music producers use Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins to create high-quality tech house sample and tracks. These plugins offer a wide range of creative possibilities.

In this article, we will explore the ten best VST plugins specifically tailored for crafting exceptional tech house music. We will explore various topics. These include selecting the right kick, creating unique sounds, making impressive basslines, improving drum tracks, and adding imaginative effects.


Serum by Xfer is a highly versatile wavetable synthesizer and a staple in electronic music production. Developed by Steve Duda and Xfer Records, Serum has gained a reputation for its exceptional sound quality and innovative features.

Serum's powerful sound engine allows producers to manipulate and create sounds using advanced wavetable synthesis techniques. Its intuitive user interface provides visual feedback and allows precise control over every parameter.

Producers can easily access the extensive wavetable library. They can also import custom wavetables. Finally, they can morph between different waveforms to create intricate and changing sounds.

One of Serum's standout features is its extensive modulation system. The plugin offers many modulation sources, such as envelopes, LFOs, and custom-drawn shapes. These sources can be used to control any parameter within the plugin. This flexibility opens up endless possibilities for creating dynamic and expressive sounds.

They offer creative sounds that can be adjusted according to their needs. This gives producers a great starting point for their tracks. Additionally, Serum's preset library continues to expand with regular updates, ensuring that producers always have fresh sounds to work with.


Sub Boom Bass 

Sub Boom Bass by Rob Papen is a bass synthesizer plugin. It offers many features designed to create punchy basslines. These features are specifically tailored to this purpose. Developed by renowned sound designer Rob Papen, this plugin is highly regarded for its sound quality and versatility.

Sub Boom Bass offers a wide selection of preset bass tones. These presets are perfect for creating tech house music.

The presets provide a base for producers to start with. They range from deep sub-basses to gritty and distorted basses. This allows producers to quickly find the desired sound and then focus on perfecting it for their tracks.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface. Its intuitive controls make it easy to navigate. It is also easy to adjust parameters to get the desired sound.

Sub Boom Bass offers various synthesis methods. These include sampled basses, analog-modeled oscillators and the exclusive "Harm" module. This module adds extra harmonics to create full and complex bass sounds.

One of the standout features of Sub Boom Bass is its comprehensive modulation matrix. It allows producers to assign modulation sources to different parameters, providing dynamic and evolving bass sounds that fit perfectly into tech house tracks.

Sub Boom Bass

Sample Sound Academy

U-he Diva

U-he Diva is a meticulously designed plugin that faithfully emulates classic analog synthesizers. U-he developed Diva. Diva stands for "Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue". This emphasizes Diva's ability to capture the warmth and character of vintage hardware.

Diva excels at producing authentic analog sounds, making it an ideal choice for creating tech house music with a vintage vibe. The plugin includes multiple oscillator models, filters, and modulation options, allowing producers to shape a wide variety of synth sounds. From gritty leads to lush pads, Diva offers a rich sonic palette that can add depth and character to any style productions.

Diva is known for its attention to detail. It accurately replicates the sound and behavior of classic analog circuits.

The plugin models the behavior of individual components, like transistors and resistors. This captures the unique sound characteristics of vintage synthesizers with great accuracy. This level of authenticity contributes to the organic and vibrant sound produced by Diva.

Diva comes with a comprehensive collection of presets that showcase its capabilities across various musical styles. Presets offer a useful beginning. They provide ideas and show the plugin's capacity for making captivating synth sounds for tech house music.

U-he Diva

Arturia Pigments

Arturia Pigments is a powerful software synthesizer that combines multiple synthesis techniques, including wavetable, virtual analog, and granular synthesis. Its innovative modulation system, versatile routing options, and extensive sound-shaping capabilities make it a favorite among tech house producers.

Pigments offers a vast library of presets, covering everything from classic analog sounds to futuristic textures. With its intuitive interface and deep editing capabilities, producers can create unique leads, pads, and atmospheric elements that add depth and character to their tracks.

Arturia Pigments

Native Instruments Massive X

Native Instruments Massive X is a next-generation wavetable synthesizer that pushes the boundaries of sound design. As the successor to the legendary Massive, Massive X delivers enhanced capabilities and a modern approach to synthesis.

Massive X boasts a vast library of wavetables, oscillators, and modulation options, allowing music producers to create complex and evolving sounds. The wavetable synthesis engine gives users many sound-shaping options. This allows them to create complex basslines, innovative leads, and evocative textures.

The plugin has an easy-to-use user interface. This allows producers to quickly and easily find their way around. They can also make detailed adjustments to the sound without feeling overwhelmed.

Massive X offers many high-quality effects and processors. This allows users to customize their sound to the tech house aesthetic.

Massive X has a strong point: a preset library with professionally created sounds. These sounds cover many music genres. This collection serves as a valuable resource for producers, providing inspiration and offering starting points for crafting their own unique sounds.

Native Instruments Massive X

Roland TB-303

The Roland TB-303 is an iconic bass synthesizer that has left an indelible mark on electronic music. While the original hardware unit has become highly sought after, software emulations allow producers to access the unique and distinctive sound of the TB-303.

The Roland TB-303 VST plugin faithfully recreates the sound and behavior of the original hardware unit, making it a sought-after tool for tech house producers. The plugin preserves the signature squelchy basslines and resonant filter sweeps that have become synonymous with the TB-303 sound.

With the TB-303 VST plugin, producers can create intricate and dynamic basslines that add depth and groove to their tracks. The plugin offers intuitive controls for tweaking parameters such as cutoff, resonance, envelope settings, and accentuation, enabling producers to shape the sound precisely to their liking.

Roland 303

Roland TR-09

The Roland TR-09 is a compact and authentic recreation of the classic TR-909 drum machine, renowned for its punchy and timeless drum sounds. While the original hardware unit is highly sought after, software emulations available as VST plugins bring the iconic drum machine's sound to your fingertips.

The Roland TR-09 VST plugin faithfully reproduces the sound and behavior of the original TR-909, making it a prized tool for tech house producers. The plugin preserves the classic kick, snare, clap, hi-hats, and cymbals that have become synonymous with the TR-909 sound.

With the TR-09 VST plugin, producers can infuse their tracks with the signature TR-909 groove. The plugin allows precise control over parameters such as tuning, decay, and accentuation, enabling producers to craft tight and energetic drum tracks that drive the rhythm of their music.

Roland Tr09

Sonic Academy Kick 2

Sonic Academy Kick 2 is a powerful VST plugin dedicated to creating the perfect kick drum for tech house music. Developed by Sonic Academy, this plugin offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to shape and customize kick sounds.

Kick 2 provides a vast sample library featuring a wide variety of kick drum samples suitable for tech house production. From tight and punchy kicks to deep and subby ones, the plugin ensures that producers have an extensive range of sonic options to choose from.

What sets Kick 2 apart is its advanced sound-shaping capabilities. The plugin allows precise control over parameters such as attack, decay, sustain, and release, enabling producers to sculpt their kicks to perfection. Producers can shape the tone and character of their kicks using a range of filters, envelopes, and distortion effects provided by the plugin.

Sonic Academy Kick 2

Arturia V Collection

Arturia V Collection is a comprehensive bundle of virtual instruments that meticulously recreates legendary analog synths and keyboards. Developed by Arturia, this collection features meticulously sampled and modeled instruments that have played significant roles in shaping electronic music.

The V Collection includes a wide range of instruments suited for music production. From the legendary MiniMoog and Prophet-5 to the iconic Jupiter-8 and many more, each instrument in the collection brings its unique character and sonic capabilities to the table. 

With the Arturia V Collection, tech house producers gain access to authentic and versatile instruments that offer an array of sounds for their tracks. The plugin accurately replicates the sound, behavior, and workflow of the original hardware instruments, allowing users to experience the essence of these iconic synths in a digital environment.

The V Collection not only provides faithful emulations of these classic instruments but also expands on them with modern enhancements. Users can take advantage of additional features such as advanced modulation, integrated effects, and improved parameter control, giving them greater flexibility and creative possibilities when crafting sounds.

Arturia V Collection

Omnisphere by Spectrasonics

Omnisphere is a flagship software synthesizer by Spectrasonics that has become a favorite among producers across various genres. With its vast library of sounds, ranging from traditional instruments to experimental textures, Omnisphere unlocks a world of sonic exploration.

This synthesizer offers advanced techniques such as wavetable, granular, and sample-based synthesis. This allows producers to create unique and ever-changing sounds for their tech house tracks.

Omnisphere's expansive preset library covers a wide spectrum of genres, including dedicated folders for electronic music styles. Tech house music provides a wealth of inspiration. It offers a starting point for creating specific sounds. Examples include pulsating basses, atmospheric pads, and intricate textures.

Omnispere vst


In the world of tech house music production, having access to the right tools is crucial. Ten VST plugins are discussed in this article. They provide a range of features, sounds, and presets that are specifically tailored to tech house producers.

Design intricate synth sounds, craft killer basslines, perfect drum tracks and add creative effects with these plugins. They provide an arsenal for shaping tech house tracks with precision and creativity.

Experiment with these plugins. Explore their capabilities. Let your creativity soar as you dive into the vibrant world of music production.



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