Best Hip Hop and Trap Tracks From Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of the most successful and influential shows in recent history. It isn’t surprising, considering how the show has fleshed out a unique multiverse with tons of references to pop culture, science, history, and hip hop. In fact, this has made it easy for show runners to spin Rick and Morty into a variety of media and merchandise. As the show enters its fifth season, Pop Culture reports how Rick and Morty drinks made with Mello Jello were recently released by American chain Wendy’s. Referencing the show’s main elements, the flavours include Portal Time Lemon Lime and BerryJerryboree.

The show’s inter-dimensional reach can be further observed in the world of online gaming, where its dynamic themes and colourful elements are right at home. A post that includes Rick and Morty published on Foxy Games discusses how the show has inspired a Megaways slot game that uses the two titular characters and other show elements as symbols. The same can be said of the Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub online slot, which is a reference to a famous line that reveals the inner thoughts of Rick Sanchez. From fast-food chains to online casino gaming, there are almost no dimensions where Rick and Morty haven’t been to at some point. You can even find tons of show-related content on TikTok.

The fact that it’s so easy to remix Rick and Morty into virtually any other media is no accident. In show creator Dan Harmon’s own words, “We’re white and grew up in the suburbs, so we have to be into hip hop.” And this certainly shows in their clever use of not just hip hop and trap tracks, but even iconic rap bars to punctuate key moments. Ice-T is even in the show as a powerful alien version of himself. Logic has also rapped in the show and has even used it to tease his album Bobby Tarantino II. Meanwhile, rappers like Big Sean and Travis Scott have made references to the show in their lyrics. In short, hip hop and Rick and Morty have a tight and ongoing relationship. And here are some of the best tracks that have made it on the show.

Oh Mama

As part of the promotion for the Adult Swim Festival which featured rap duo Run the Jewels, they released the song Oh Mama with a music video starring Rick and Morty. Embroiled in another adventure, our anti-heroes don black suits and conduct a Quentin Tarantino and Men in Black-inspired heist. The result is a three and a half-minute Rick and Morty episode with feature movie-quality animation – providing the backdrop to the mean beats and bars of the supercharged political rap duo.

Evil Morty Theme Song

The Evil Morty Theme Song is first heard in the episode where Evil Morty becomes president of the Citadel of Ricks. As his cunning plans and moves are revealed to the audience, the song punctuates the somber and compelling moment, foreshadowing the storm that is to come. Trap City reworked this theme song into the Evil Morty feewet Trap Remix, which has become one of the most recognisable tracks inspired by the series.

X Gon Give It To Ya

After Rick and her granddaughter Summer are swindled by the devil himself, the two decide to literally work out their anger at the gym. Later, it’s revealed that their newfound bulk is intended for revenge. Rick and Summer ambush the devil as he’s about to scam more people. They proceed to exact their revenge by kicking his ass – to the classic tune of X Gon Give It To Ya.

Logic’s Song

Although this song is unnamed, it’s a low-key fire track which Logic raps when he appears on the show as himself. What little is heard of the song has prompted fans to ask Logic to turn it into a real song, a request that he yet to oblige. However, considering how the show’s fifth season has dropped, these tracks are just the tip of the iceberg that is the love affair between Rick and Morty and hip hop. This means that we’re bound to see more collaborations, references, and awesome song choices as our anti-heroes set out on new adventures.

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