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Artist interview: Samplesound meet Jamahr

Artist interview: Samplesound meet Jamahr

Artist interview: Samplesound meet Jamahr

Jamahr's sounds: Get NOW

Did you always want to be producers?
The first love was definitely the one with the console, with the passage of time, the producers side, came out of itself.
being a producer gives you an extra value and it's very rewarding to see your projects come true.

How did you meet?
we were born and raised in the same city, Biella. we met working in the same crew for which we worked as djs residents. we started the first projects in the studio and from there on a great closeness.

What prompted/made you to collaborate and become a duo?
we were very young, little more than twenty years old, very close-knit and with common ideas.
the thing that fascinated us was to create something of our own that would please us first and then the people.
we have always been intrigued by this world of creation in the electronic field.

What gear did you use? And what was your approach to the creative flow?
we like to use both vst and drum machine.
as machines electribe esx, electron (four & analog rytm) moog minitaur kork minilogue...
vst we use FM8, ABsinth, BATTERY, MASSIVE, ALCHEMY, KHORDS, ROB PAPIN, REAKTOR working with our arturia beat step pro.

What inspires you?
having a mind free to do what you wanted was very constructive.
we usually make music and then close a track.
this time every time we found sounds, we imagined how our "colleagues" had continued it.

Do you have any DAW, software or plug-in that you would recommend?
Roland cloud 303 & FM8 for the bassline
For the sinth / pad / chord we use a lot the Alchemy (vst inside logic ) KHORDS of loopmaster and Absinth of native instruments.
Plug in to use the PSPAUDIOWARE AND FABFILTER , its very cool.

What is the hardest and (what is) your favourite part of create music?
In our opinion there are no preferences.
depends a lot on the tracks in question. often there are tracks that in three hours are ready, everything turns perfectly, the sounds fit together and everything flows smoothly.
other times it's more because you can't find a square with the sounds you have, not really these you like.

The mix is definitely a very detailed and sometimes heavy part.
because a good mix depends on the final outcome of the track

What does music mean to you?
Freedom , happiness, smile, vision of life
gives you a reason to move on, and it will never be alone.

What advice would you give to your younger selves?
know, inquire.
Today's day making music is definitely easier than 20 years ago. if you think about it we have it all (analog & digital)
maybe, but having too many things doesn't help.
maybe it's confusing.
you have to have clear ideas about what to do and from them choose the right way to work.

What’s next for you? Are there any projects and upcoming releases in the near future?
Yes , this year for us is most important because we open our label called CAPTEA . During the lockdown in April going OUT our first ep.
Now the second release is ready, when the master is ok, we hope in the autumn , depends of the distribution.
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