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Samplesound Announces New Partnership With Home of Sound in 2021

Samplesound Announces New Partnership With Home of Sound in 2021

Samplesound is excited to introduce their newest partnership with Home of Sound, a platform where music industry professionals can connect, learn, and share their ideas.

As a new, global space for music professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike, Home of Sound aims to be a reference in the music education community. From on-demand music production masterclasses, music business courses, workshops and more, the platform provides high-quality, expert material that encourages both the personal and professional growth of its students.

Beyond the expertly curated educational resources within the platform, Home of Sound also provides other forms of unparalleled value. Today, its network consists of over 2,500 producers based in 65 different countries, 80% of which have been signed to labels and released music since their conclusion of the program. Having access to this network is a benefit like no other, expanding your connections with like-minded artists around the world.

When it comes to gaining both knowledge and a deeper understanding of the industry, classes aren’t the only way you can advance your career. Home of Sound's interview series features different kinds of music professionals, from producers and musicians to managers and promoters. Lending their expert perspective on their careers and the industry, these guests provide useful, personal, and raw insight into the world of music.

Working from the belief that music education should be accessible to all who are eager to learn, Home of Sound has also launched its own inclusion program. The initiative works to accommodate artists and interested parties in situations of financial instability, hoping to keep inspiring growth in difficult times.

At its core, Home of Sound has been built as more than a music education center. Based on and grounded by community, the platform champions inclusion, personal and professional progress, and mutual support amongst all of its members.

As the platform’s sample pack store of choice, Samplesound is eager to be a part of and contribute to this community. Finding common ground in purpose, passion, and the desire to grow in the music industry, Samplesound and Home of Sound are thrilled to begin our work together.

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