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Samplesound announces the partnership with Bianchi

Samplesound announces the partnership with Bianchi

What is Bianchi?

Bianchi is a guide and your reference point, the people you need to get the right tips, support and guidance on how to structure and build your artistic path and career.

When you join us, we will allow you to develop any creative musical ideas you have, in Italy and internationally, adapting and catering for everything you need, making the whole experience unique.

Our goal is to form avant garde artists, teaching them how to be forward thinking and independently make their own way in the music scene and world.

After this short introduction it's worth mentioning first of all that the Bianchi project was born out of necessity. After the events that occurred in 2021 in Italy we have seen a great decline in music initiatives and we are still are struggling to see a formula and structure for recovery.

The virus has really slowed the fast paced process we were witnessing in showcasing brand new talent across the Italian peninsula prior to the pandemic. We can still see a great number of famous artists just about surviving as well as emerging artists struggling to make it despite having the talent and ability.

This is why Bianchi was born.

Bianchi develops emerging artists with talent, giving them the right guidance to make it in this difficult and competitive world.

Our first artist, Endz, spent a lot of time working on his music, in the studio and meditating and has crafted a product with much more depth, sonically but also culturally. Endz is not just a producer, but thanks to Bianchi, he's also developed his emerging DJ and selector skills, showcasing a much wider knowledge across genres.

Part of the work we did with Endz was to help him in his musical research. The artist spent nearly 500 hours carefully choosing the music for his sets, basing that selection on the location, atmosphere and musical aesthetic thought for his performance.

Thanks to Bianchi, Endz is a much more confident artist, in the studio and on stage. He truly showcases the results we are trying to achieve, and how much you can grow with us.

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