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Top 5 Free Plug-Ins That Will Take Your Sound to the Next Level

Top 5 Free Plug-Ins That Will Take Your Sound to the Next Level

Great VST plug-ins are important elements in music production, allowing us to constantly expand our horizons and create beyond our own limitations. Experimenting is essential for all musicians, and now, it doesn’t always have to come at a cost.

We have compiled a list of our 5 best free plugins - premium-quality programs that make it easy for you to add new dimensions to your sound and take it one - or two - steps further.

Voxengo SPAN

A good audio spectrum analyzer is an essential tool in the mixing and mastering process, providing a visual guide to all your track's included frequencies. While experience throughout the years can facilitate the identification of any particular areas that need alterations in your mix, Voxengo SPAN streamlines this process.

This frequency spectrum contributes values in a lot of different areas, such as allowing you to remove any rumble and unwelcome frequencies, keep track of your tonal balance, and identify all competing frequencies.

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Wider by Polyverse

By adding incredible width to your sound, this entirely mono-compatible plug-in means it keeps every signal consistent throughout production. Expanding your stereo image has never been easier - bring balanced, dynamic elements to your music for a smooth, sleek end product, no matter what.

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iZotope Vinyl

It’s no secret that there’s something particularly special and charming about the music of the past. Whether it’s the analog sounds that sneak their way into tracks or the classic character of aged gear, these iconic vinyl sounds are here to add that unmatched flair to your music.

Give your tracks character and nostalgic edge with the click of a button. Vinyl allows you to include all of the textures of decades past with extreme ease for the ultimate lo-fi sound.

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Cableguys PanCake

Build your modulation curves just the way you want them. This free plug-in facilitates the customization process, allowing you to draw your curves through both hard or soft control points - the result being either subtle or drastic transitions in the end product.

Take your panning effects to the next level with this unique stereo panner at your disposal.

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“The World’s Most Powerful Pulse Engine,” available now as a free version of the popular plug; it includes 2GB of content, 4 sound sources, presets, effects, and much more.

Create endless tracks with 25 live-recorded pulse instruments available to you in this premium quality software that makes everything look easy. Combine digital and analog synths, as well as organic instruments to produce entirely unique, interesting, and quality sounds, every time.

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Get downloading and get started - we can't wait to hear what you create.
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