Best Techno Sample Packs in 2020

As a music producer, coming up with your own sounds from scratch can be a real headache, especially in a genre like techno where there is hardly any room for even the slightest of errors. In fact, sound design is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s never a bad idea to use third party samples in your productions. But with the increasing popularity of sample packs, there are a variety of options which makes it a lot difficult to choose. On that note, we here at Sample Sound have come up with a list of top 6 Techno sample packs to help you through your selection crisis.

N1. Melodic House & Techno Volume 1

Inspired by the likes of Tale of Us, Mano Le Tough, &ME, Adriatique, ARTBAT, what we have here is an exotic selection of sounds maniacally created to provide the highest artistic claim.
Consisting of over 600 MB of content, this pack is boosted by 9 huge Construction Kits that includes killer kick drums, tribal percussions, deep bass, techy HiHat, uplifting pads, FX and noises and 18 MIDI files in order to give you the freedom to experiment at maximum power.

N2. Techno Synths by D-Unity, Dino Maggiorana

Powered by Unity Samples, this pack is blessed with over 100 hypnotic arps and synth melodies, one shot driving techno kicks, hats and snares. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with both male and female vocals to add that extra spark in your techno productions. This is definitely recommended to music producers who have been exhausted with the monotonicity of the techno sample packs lately.

N3. Riemann Rave Techno 3

Get ready to elevate your tracks to the next level of quality with this pack, that has been produced by the renowned Belgian artist who has over 100 hit-records in his discography. You can expect to find all kinds of Beat Loops, Synth Loops, Fx Loops, Chord Loops etc within this techno sample pack. It also includes many one shot samples for samplers like Akai Mpc, Maschine, Toraiz, Ableton, FL Studio and any DAW sampler.

N4. Analog Techno

Using excessive digital synths may take out the sweet mechanical vibe from your productions which is exactly why we recommend you to use this pack. You will get many different loops properly categorized to build your tracks intuitively. This techno sample pack contains acoustic and analog toms, organic hi hats, strong kicks and different bass lines to get your grooves to another level. Also you will find endless beatloops to facilitate creativity and design authentic hits.

N5. AOVRDRV 808 Techno

Be ready to get bombarded with massive 180 samples with short and long versions for instant use as kicks as well as bass, all perfectly synchronized and labelled with key information ready for use. As this pack aims at providing its users with the best value, you’ll also find 7 Song Construction Kits to kickstart your next track

N6. Industrial Techno

Inspired by labels like ARTS and Planet Rhythm, this pack will help you create a very rhythmic and noisy collection in your inventory. With this sample pack, the creators wanted to bring back those sounds that you can hear only in some exclusive places that are all about those techno vibes


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