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REFRACT Dark Techno for Playbeat - FREE Playbeat Expansion

REFRACT Dark Techno for Playbeat - FREE Playbeat Expansion . Requires playbeat 3+

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Features & System requirements

REFRACT Dark Techno for Playbeat by Audiomodern Instruments

REFRACT Dark Techno is the perfect expansion for Playbeat by Audiomodern Instruments.

Loaded with an array of visceral drums, booming basslines, and analog-style instruments, this expansion provides an immersive experience that allows you to take your music to the next level. Perfect for crafting cutting-edge techno, REFRACT Dark Techno is a must-have for all serious producers.

What's included?


20 Unlocked Presets
20 Fully unlocked presets for Playbeat which include patterns and samples.

200+ Unique Samples
200+ unique Audio samples especially designed for this Expansion.

Infinite Combinations & Remixes
Each preset can be re-arranged and remixed into infinite new combinations.

This Pack requires playbeat 3+.



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