Indie Pop Drums Vol. 2 - Modern West Coast Pop Indie Alternative ( Drums Loops - Fills - Oneshots)

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LABEL: Symphonic for Production

 Indie Pop Drums Vol. 2 by Symphonic for Production

Back by popular demand after the best-selling Indie Pop Drums, Symphonic Production doubles down on the second volume of this widely popular sample pack. We've provided another plethora of drum loops, fills and oneshots that sounds open, natural, fat, and punchy.


These are perfect for modern West Coast/Pop/Indie/Alternative productions. This time around, we're adding in even more oneshots to allow you to create your own grooves, and also included some "hi-hats only" loops

The kit used for this pack is a 1970's Ludwig 3-ply Blue/Olive badge Drum set in Walnut Cortex. It includes a 24" Kick, 13" Rack Tom, 18" Floor Tom, a super rare 20" Floor Tom, a Vintage Hammered Bronze Ludwig 14" Snare with Die Cast Hoops, 14” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Hat Top, 14” Paiste, 2002 Heavy Hat Bottom, 18” & 20” Meinl Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crashes, 21” Meinl Byzance Transition Ride, 18” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry China, 10” Meinl Byzance Dual Splash.


The drum kit was recorded using two Coles 4038's, two Beyerdynamic M160's,a  vintage AKG D12, a custom built Subkick, a vintage Shure Beta57, two vintage Telefunken 421's, an Audix D6, a Shure Beta91a, a Cascade Fathead, a Shure SM7B, and stereo PZM echo chamber mics.

Lastly, 8 Neve 1084 clones with EQ, 7 API 312 clones, and 4 custom tube mic pre’s were used to record these great samples, which were then EQ’ed with a Little Labs IBP, a Kush Clariphonic, and two Don Classics 250EQ Parametric EQ's; and finally processed by an ADR Compex Limiter, Custom PIE PWM compressor, Distressor, Valley People Dyna-mite, DBX 162, Standard Audio LevelOr, three DBX 560A’s, TC electronics G Major, and custom UTC Transformer Passive Summing.

Who needs a drummer when you got Indie Pop drums?


Product details:

  • Drums Loops (93)
  • 78BPM: 12
  • 90BPM: 12
  • 100BPM: 18
  • 128BPM: 18
  • 140BPM: 18
  • HiHat Loops: 15
  • Drum Fills: (64);
  • 78BPM: 16
  • 90BPM: 14
  • 100BPM: 9
  • 128BPM: 15
  • 140BPM: 10
  • Drum Oneshots: (189)
  • China: 6
  • Closed HiHats: 7
  • Combos: 46
  • Crash: 6
  • Hi Toms: 9
  • HiHat Rolls: 6
  • Kick: 16
  • Mid Toms: 8
  • Lo Toms: 15
  • Open HiHats: 12
  • Ride: 13
  • Rimshot: 11
  • Snare: 20
  • Snare Rolls: 8
  • Splash: 6