Oaken - Tech House Sounds (Kits, Loops)

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LABEL: Samplesound

Oaken - Tech House Sounds by Samplesound

Introducing "Oaken Tech House Sounds" by Samplesound: an exceptional sample pack specifically created for tech house music enthusiasts. This pack was crafted by the talented producers at Samplesound, who utilized modular synthesizers and analog instruments to ensure an authentic sound quality and a top-notch production experience.

Inside "Oaken," you will find a wide range of inspiring resources to create your own unique tracks. The pack includes six construction kits, providing a solid foundation to kickstart your songwriting and allowing you to experiment with different grooves and sounds.

Are you ready to shake the speakers? Then get ready to explore twelve powerful basslines that push the boundaries of your tech house production. These deep and pulsating basses will give you the right amount of energy to get the crowd dancing.

To add that touch of rhythm and impact, we have included six perfectly fitting clap loops designed for the genre. Additionally, with three well-crafted fills, you can create smooth and captivating transitions, ensuring an engaging listening experience.

Are you a fan of grooves? We won't disappoint you! We have included fourteen full grooves that will get you moving on the dance floor. These grooves are designed to make you dance and offer you endless creative possibilities.

For the percussion enthusiasts, we've got you covered. The pack features twenty-six percussion loops, allowing you to add intricate and detailed rhythmic layers to your productions. Additionally, you'll find fourteen hat loops to create dynamic and engaging rhythms.

Let's not forget about the solid foundation: eight analog and digital kick samples provide you with a wide range of sounds to underpin your track and make the floor tremble. With these powerful kicks, your groove will have an extra boost.

As for the additional elements, we have included four sound effects that add that touch of magic and creativity to your productions. Experiment with these effects to create unique and surprising transitions.

But it doesn't end there. To complete this pack, we have included eleven synthesizer loops that offer catchy melodies and evocative atmospheres, allowing you to create distinctive sonic landscapes in your track.

Finally, to add a fresh and vibrant touch to your music, we have included eleven male vocals that bring character and personality to your tracks.

With "Tech House Evolution" by Samplesound, you have everything you need to create high-quality tech house productions. Whether you're an experienced producer or a beginner, this pack offers you a wide range of creative possibilities to make your music stand out and get the crowd dancing.


  • 6 Kits construnctions 
  • 12 basslines
  • 6 clap loops
  • 3 fills
  • 14 groove 
  • 14 hats loops
  • 8 analog e digital kick
  • 26 percussion loops
  • 14 top loops
  • 4 fx
  • 11 synth loops
  • 11 male vocals