Insights: Candi Staton Interview

We had the pleasure of chatting to Candi Staton following her debut Samplesound release with the 'Legendary Voices: Candi Staton' vocal pack. Candi spoke about all things music, her upcoming projects and LOVE FOR DANCE MUSIC..  

Hi Candi. Firstly, thanks for working with us on your Artist Pack for Samplesound, it’s been a pleasure! 

Hi, it was fun doing the Artist Pack. Writing lyrics to tracks is something that I love to do. You all create great tracks!

We’d like to know how your musical taste and influence have changed over the years, have you always stuck to your Gospel singing roots? 

Yes, and I always will. It's my stabilizing factor in music. It's always been my foundation. It started when I was five years old. I'ts a part of me. All the music I do stems from Gospel. 

Who were you’re biggest musical inspirations when growing up and forming your own sound?

My biggest musical inspirations when I was growing up were Mahalia Jackson, Sam Cooke (Gospel), BB King (Blues), Tennessee Ernie Ford (Country). That's just to name a few. Gospel, Country and Blues gave me my style in music.  

Who are you listening to these days?

I listen to Mary J. Blige, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and many of the new Gospel artists and stations. I also enjoy watching and tuning in to the new artists on The Voice and American Idol. I find them very interesting.  

Do you see a strong connection between Gospel singing and dance music? 

I absolutely see a strong connection between Gospel singing and dance music. The cord changes in music never change. Fast beats or slow beats, music in every genre have the same cord changes. Some music you feel more, because number one, Gospel you sing to God, and dance you sing to people and God. 

How different do you think your musical journey would have been if a young Candi started off in 2018?

If the young me had started in 2018, I would have been very different! My mentors would have probably been Beyonce, Rihanna, and the rap artists. I might have become a rapper! LOL!

What are your thoughts on Tech House music? 

Tech House, wow, I've done quite a few of those tracks! I love the music...makes me want to dance! Some of my most popular songs have been Tech House tracks. A lot of my music including "You Got The Love", and "Hallelujah Anyway" and many more have been remixed into Tech House music tracks , in which I'm grateful for!

What inspiration did you get for the Vocals on this sample pack? It must be a fine line between creating something new while also keeping your trademark Candi Staton sound that’s known across the Globe.

My inspirations developed after listening to the music. The music track is what inspires me. It only takes a moment for me to know if I can write to it or not. I also look for experiences in my life to be true to myself, and the music. That works for me.  

Have you got any other interesting projects coming up?

Yes, I have just finished my 30th album which is being released by my label, Beracah Records, Inc. and distributed by Thirty Tigers on August 24, 2018! I think this is one of the best albums I've recorded in many years. I have several original songs that I've created along with four cover songs by the artists , Tyrone Davis "Change My Mind", Patti Smith "People Have The Power", Nick Lowe "Peace, Love and Understanding" and Norma Jenkins "I Fooled You Didn't I". The name of this record is "Unstoppable"....and I am! LOL :-) 

You can get your hands on Candi's brand new vocal pack here, available exclusively on Beatport Sounds.