NONSTOP by Pirupa

NONSTOP by Pirupa - Interview with the maestro of NONSTOP Sounds

Samplesound got closer to NONSTOP's top notch Dj and producer Pirupa to get a bit of behind the scenes access of one of the most interesting underground labels around right now. NONSTOP have recently released their first sample pack "NONSTOP by Pirupa". 

Hard work and passion for the underground scene is the perfect combination for the huge success Pirupa is currently finding touring all over the world and releasing amazing music on NONSTOP Records. Today we have the opportunity to get to know a bit more about Pirupa and we're giving you the chance to get your hands on one of these fiery sample pack's today with a juicy discount.

Get your NONSTOP by Pirupa Sample Pack copy from the link below make sure you add the code PIRUPA-30 to get 30% discount (valid till 31th of December)