Samplesound and Davide Squillace Announce Exciting Collaboration in Music Production Contest

SAMPLESOUND is thrilled to announce a new artist series sample pack from Italian DJ and producer Davide Squillace. This techno house sample pack is 100% royalty-free and unique. Squillace’s premium sample pack makes quality artistry and engineering more accessible than ever before. When listening to Davide Squillace’s tech-house music, his passion for electronic music is apparent in every track. Listeners, artists, and fellow producers can’t get enough of Squillace’s new sample pack!

It’s here your shot at an official song release!


Born and raised in Italy, it only took one trip to London for Davide’s musical passions to shift towards electronic music. A formal sound engineering education and natural musical talent led Squillace to tour the European continent while creating various productions. Additionally, Davide founded multiple music labels, including Sketch, Minisketch, Hideout, and Titbit. 

As a forward-thinking creative, Davide is known for his collaborations with visual artists, fashion designers, videographers, and sculptors. Where innovation and creativity intersect, you’ll find Davide Squillace. With this new artist series sample pack, Squillace pushes the boundaries further than ever before with his artistic expression.  

Davide Squillace - Modular Collection

Davide Squillace’s artist series sample pack fits into the tech-house and techno genres while encompassing various styles of dance music. If you’re working on an upbeat, deep house, or melodic track, this sample pack includes everything you need to create your next hit. This all-inclusive sample package contains 19 Bass Loops, 31 Drum Loops, 35 Full Loops, 20 Fx, 19 Percussion Loops, 19 Synth Loops, and 24 Top Loops. 

Additionally, you’ll get 4 Clap One Shot, 9 Hh One Shot, 8 Kick One Shot, and 4 Shaker One Shot, all dry. This sample pack also includes 6 Clap One Shot, 5 Hh One Shot, 4 One Shot Kick, 6 Ride One Shot, 3 Shaker One Shot, and 5 Snare One Shot, wet. 

The Contest

When you purchase this high-quality tech-house sample pack, you are eligible to participate in SAMPLESOUND’s exciting, new artistry contest. To participate, you need to create a song using at least three samples from Davide Squillace’s latest collection. The winner will be allowed the opportunity to have their music released with Squillace’s label.

Contest Rules

Follow these simple steps to enter the contest and join the running:

  • Login or create free account on samplesound (check the form below)
  • Purchase Squillace’s sample pack
  • Create a song using at least 3 samples available in the Davide Squillace New Pack.
  • Create and post a short video of your production session to Instagram
  • Follow and tag Samplesound and Davide Squillace's Instagram pages on your post
  • Send your final song to 

Contest Prizes

Beyond having his song officially released Squillace’s label, the winner will also receive a €100 coupon to Samplesound

Contest Deadline

Time to get started! All entries must be received by 18th April 2022

Keep an eye out on our home page, where the winner will be announced on 2nd May 2022

We look forward to listening to your work - good luck!

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