Samplesound Music Production Workshop

Early Bird // €100
1st Release // €120
Final Release // €150
After a blistering start to 2018, seeing our production and samplepacks receiving a lot of recognition in the industry as well as striking up partnerships with other leading sample pack labels Samplesound are now launching their first Music Production Workshop.
Samplesound’s head of production and A+R, Andrea Ricci, will be heading up the workshop. 
With the aim to advance your productions to the next level and expand your current knowledge on production, the workshop will focus on building a skill set that will act as a solid foundation for producers to progress. While we'll have guest speaker ‘name’ with us via Skype for a 20 minute talk followed by a Q&A. We also highly advise producers to bring their latest projects with them as there will be one hour of Q&A on your own production to finish the day.
Lastly, producers will have their chance to submit their best track for the chance to be connected with ‘Artist to be confirmed’.
The Saturday workshop will also include @Roombeats session in the evening, where a bespoke line up of selectors will be on hand to close the day off with an opportunity to network with like minded industry individuals.
Course Content
09.00/09.30 am - Acoustic treatment of a room 
09.30/10.00 am - DAW: Logic
10.00/10.30 am - The equalizer
10.30/11.00 am - The compressore
11.00/11.30 am - The depth of the mix
11.30/12.00 am - The synthesis of the kick
12.00/13.00 am - Q&A with guest- via Skype)
01.00/02.00 pm - Lunch
02.00/02.30 pm - The balance Kick/Bass
02.30/03.00 pm - The groove programming
03.00/04.00 pm - The vocal and how work on it
04.00/05.00 pm - The draft of a song
05.00/06.00 pm - Q&A e demo from the customers