Tutorials Samplesound

In this section you can find the best tutorials by Samplesound engineers to help you shape your production with the samples you can get on our store!



Creating a unique Kick with our new Main Sculpture Pack

A few tricks using common plug ins to get truly unique Kick sounds in your production.


Adding Aggression To a Techno Bass

A little trick using common plug ins that will add some solid aggression behind your Techno Bass.


How We Made: West Percussion Volume 1

During this tutorial we're taking a look inside our new pack West Percussion Volume 1.


How To Use: Miami Underground Volume 1

We're taking a look inside our pack Miami Underground Vol 1.



How We Made: Tech House

Here our top tips on a quick video tutorial where we show how we made our Tech House packs.


How We Made: Techno

Underground music is our passion and Techno sounds are at the heart of what we do. Enjoy this video tutorial on how we made the Kick.


Nonstop by PIRUPA 

NONSTOP Sound born in 2017, it is representing our love for House & Techno sounds. 
It want to create a platform in the modern music industry about its style and mood for all DJs and producers.