Alessandro Piatto [Ten Grams] pres. Synthwave

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LABEL: Hotfingers


Hotfingers is happy to welcome our newest sample library named 'Alessandro Piatto [Ten Grams] pres. Synthwave'

Alessandro Piatto has a deep and long understanding of dance music.His brother Davide is co founder of N.O.I.A, one of Italy's first electronic live acts to perform and record with drum machines and synthesizers as early as 1978. It is not surprising then that for Alessandro, following in his brothers footsteps was inevitable and he too became hooked on the incredible new sound palette emanating from the early electronic machines.

He has released under an array of aliases, have clocked up many hits on Beatport and since 2005  has formed two Italian Labels, namely Italo Business and N.O.I.A Records.

The sample library can be already considered a synthwave / NuDisco  future-classic that comes to you in a really useful multiformat pack. All the samples and processing have been recorded from real analogue machines ; amongst the others we can rely for this library on mighty Roland tr 808, tr 707, tr 606, tr 909, DMX and Linndrums too! Of course synthesizers and processors have been used too: Roland MKS-80, Korg MS-20, SH-1, Roland Space Echo Re-201, Sherman Filterbanks and so on!

'Alessandro Piatto [Ten Grams] pres. Synthwave ' features 15 Kits at various BPM and Keys . It comes in two useful formats: Wav files and Rex2 files.

All the kits , wav and rex2 files are immediately ready to use in your project!


'Alessandro Piatto [Ten Grams] pres. Synthwave' contains 15 kits(WAV and Rex2):

- Absorbe 120 bpm Cm 

- Amoeba 98 bpm Em 

- Control 105 bpm Am 

- Dawm 104 bpm Cm 

- Daylight 115 bpm Am 

- Happy 115 bpm F#m 

- Human 120 bpm G 

- Journey 101 bpm Gm 

- Lush 110 bpm Am 

- Mixture 123 bpm Gm 

- Nightfly 98 bpm Em 

- No Tears 110 bpm Cm 

- Obscure 115 bpm Em 

- Sunride 105 bpm D 

- Sunset 116 bpm Gm