Dark Melodic - Melodic Sound for Electronic Music

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LABEL: Audio Strasse


The true goal of music, its proper enterprise is melody.

All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose only beautiful melody.

Therefore, the question of which is the more significant, melody or harmony, is futile. Beyond doubt, the means is subordinate to the end.

Audio Strasse releases an exclusive package focused on the melodic sound which has characterized the electronic music scene in the recent years by creating a connection among the various musical genres giving life to a new genre which is now one of the most appreciated.

The Italian duo offers a complete vision of the music genre composed with the latest generation synthesizers.

The pack includes 350 MB of innovative sound at 126 BPM, inspired by the icons of this genre like Afterlife, Innervision and more.

Pitch range, tension and release, continuity, cadence, and shape, all you need to fill your music with love.