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Deconstruct - Tech House Expansion for playbeat

Deconstruct from Audiomodern delivers a fat amount of production tools, inspired by the Tech House names of today. Requires playbeat 3+ 

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Features & System requirements

Loaded with a huge selection of loops including Kicks, Hats, Atmos, Percussion, Weird sounds and FX.

Featuring customizable preset kits that can be re-arranged and remixed into
infinite combinations with our cutting-edge pattern sequencer.

What's included?


20 Unlocked Presets
20 Fully unlocked presets for Playbeat which include patterns and samples.

95+ Unique Samples
95+ unique Audio samples especially designed for this Expansion.

Infinite Combinations & Remixes
Each preset can be re-arranged and remixed into infinite new combinations.

This Pack requires playbeat 3+.



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