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Deep Tech Series Bundle

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LABEL: Samplesound

Samplesound is proud to present Deep Tech Series Bundle.

Get 2 best seller packs for the price of one!

 You will expect to find 80 processed drum loops (kick loops included) , 53 Music Loops (chord, stabs, pad and lead), 30 Sub Bass Loops (with and without sidechain), 162 top Loops and separate Parts as well kick Shots, clap/snare shots, hit and open shots. Inside the folder you’ll find 17 constructions kit (masterd and Unmastered) that will help you to find the right inspiration.

The imaginary of Deep Tech Series is inspired by the best underground vinyl releases from artists such as Barac, Varhat, Enzo Siragusa, Djoko, Toman and Archie Hamilton. Whether you are looking for inspiration for producing trippy swing groovy, afterparty vibes, or more per time vibes, this pack fits the bill.

This pack is designed and tested by Samplesound’s extensive team of international sound engineers, producers and DJ’s - all samples are formatted at Wav 44100hz 24bit as standard. 


  • Deep Tech Series Vol 1
  • 7 kit constrcutions
  • 40 Drums loops
  • 93 Top loops
  • 23 synth loops
  • 15 One shot Kick
  • 15 One shot Clap Snare
  • 10 One shot HH
  • 10 Sub Bass Loops
  • 2 vocals

  • Deep Tech Series Vol 2
  • • 10 Song Starter
  • • 45 Drums loops
  • • 71 Top loops
  • • 30 synth loops
  • • 10 One shot Kick
  • • 10 One shot Clap Snare
  • • 14 One shot HH
  • • 20 Sub Bass Loops





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We offer mastering and mixing services by our mastering engineer who has 10 years experience in the industry

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