Drum Tape Classics - Techno House Loops and One Shots

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LABEL: Samplesdesign

Drum Tape Classics by Samplesdesign

Introducing 'Drum Tape Classics,' a meticulously crafted sample pack that seamlessly marries the warmth of analog tape processing with the timeless charm of classic drum machines. Immerse your productions in the rich, vintage character of yesteryear as you explore a curated collection of expertly designed drum loops, each artfully processed through a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Unleash the soulful essence of iconic drum machines, carefully composed to deliver the perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity. Each loop encapsulates the essence of classic electronic percussion, enhanced and elevated by the unique warmth and coloration imparted by the analog tape recording.

Whether you're producing retro-inspired tracks or seeking to infuse your contemporary beats with a touch of timeless magic, 'Drum Tape Classics' provides the ideal sonic palette. Elevate your music with the authentic, vintage sound of drum loops that have been expertly woven together through the magic of reel-to-reel tape recording, delivering an unmistakable touch of classic warmth and character to your productions. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of analog nostalgia with this essential sample pack, where the classic meets the modern, and the result is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece.


  • 228 x Drum Loops (50 Kits)
  • 43 x Heavy Pattern Loops
  • 48 x Classic Pattern Loops
  • 47 x Iconic Pattern Loops
  • 45 x Legendary Pattern Loops
  • 45 x Timeless Pattern Loops
  • 30 x One Shots