FOCUS: Massive X Techno (Loops, Preset, 24 Bit WAV)

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LABEL: Datacode

Massive X Techno (Loops, Preset, 24 Bit WAV)

Datacode is proud to present FOCUS: Massive X Techno! A powerful new Presets bank for Native Instruments cutting edge Massive X! With a strong focus on Techno, Hard Techno, Minimal and Progressive House! These presets are designed to give you the latest and most inspiring sounds for the two most important elements in a track Bass and Synth Lead. Huge sounding patches with no fillers!

FOCUS: Massive X Techno features 80 all new Massive X presets that are designed to fit in the mix and highly usable sounds that give you the latest unique Techno sounds. This preset pack includes a solid variety of Techno Bass & Synth Leads for many styles of Techno. With tons of thick, deep bass and subs, cutting synths and dark oneshot style plucks and drones!

Also included are 37 bass and synth WAV loops featured in the audio demo so you can jump right into a new track with many hard-hitting samples.

(Please note: Massive X Version 1.3 is required to use these presets. Some external effects processing was used in the audio demo).


  • Pack size: 124 MB
  • 117 Total Samples & Presets
  • Tempo 128 BPM
  • 24 Bit WAV

    80 Total Massive X Presets
  • 45 Bass Presets
  • 35 Synth Presets

    37 Total Massive X Wav Loops
  • 16 Synth Loops
  • 21 Bass Loops