Hip Hop N Trap
Vol 3

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LABEL: Audiosample


Audiosample Hip Hop N Trap volume 3 is an absolute must have for any beat maker out there.

With a collection consisting of Drum Loops, One Shots, Music Loops and Demo parts, this pack will enhance your next productions allowing you to experiment and create your personal style.

In detail expect to find over 250 MB of high quality samples, including: 25 Music Loops, 20 Drum Loops, 5 Demo parts, 45 Drum One Shots divided into 15 fat kick, 15 snappy snare, and 15 crispy cymbals.

All the files are 100% royalty free, formatted at 44.100Khz – 24 Bit as standard.

With Audiosample’s Trap library you will have all the necessary tools to craft a top arrangement, just load into your daw a music loop and be ready to chop, edit or rearrange it as you like!

Pack Contents:

  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 25 Music Loops
  • 45 One Shots (15 kick, 15 snare, 15 cymbal)
  • 5 Demo Parts

Total Number Of Files:

  • 95
  • 178 MB