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Hologys Lo Fi Sounds - Hip Hop Lo fi Trap

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LABEL: Obeat Records


SAMPLESOUND is proud to present Hologoys, a collection of lo-fi samples produced by Obeat Records. Obeat Records is excited to release a fresh new lo-fi hip hop sample pack. This latest release features 100% original content. Various sound sources were used in this production, including vinyl sampling from multiple hip hop, rap, and RnB genres.

Hologys is a collection of musical loops designed to help you create modern sounds. Music is a powerful tool; it can soothe and relax or pump you up. This pack contains different loops to help ace your next music project, from soothing melodies that evoke calm and relaxation to deep bass shots for an intense groove. Enjoy tons of samples, all with different sounds from keyboard instruments, strings, and drums. Lo-fi samples that will fit all your needs!

Hologys lo-fi hip hop sample pack will add the right amount of vintage flavor to your beats. With 18 drum loops, 6 chord loops, 6 lead loops, 5 pad loops, 6 base loops, 6 full loops, and 6 top loops, you'll be creating that classic gritty sound in no time! The package also includes 23 one-shots, 9 Hh one-shots, 6 one-shot clap snares, 6 one-shot kicks, and 2 one-shot rides! All in all, you are getting 31 music loops with 1 awesome guitar loop included. Utilizing synths, loops, and samples to create music with an indie-pop sound ensures your project will be unique among others of its genre.

What if you could get the freshest sounds and newest trends without having to do any of the legwork? With our royalty-free Hologys sample pack, that's precisely what we offer. Get your hands on a collection of indie-pop trap samples from all over the world


  • 18 drum loops:
  • 6 base loops
  • 6 full loops
  • 6 top loops
  • 23 One shots:
  • 9 one shot hh
  • 6 one shot clap/snare
  • 6 one shot kick
  • 2 one shot ride
  • 31 music loops
  • 6 bass loops
  • 6 chord loops
  • 6 full loops
  • 6 lead loops
  • 5 pad loops
  • 1 guitar loops