Kilohearts Bitcrush - Bit Crusher Effect

5 different distortion shapes are available to add a tinge of edge or rip things apart. In stereo, if that's what you're into.

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Features & System requirements

When nostalgia hits, Bitcrush can bring you back to the digital hardware of times past. It simulates the audio being played back using a low quality sampler with limited sample rate and bit depth. Mm, crunchy.

The Bitcrush can be used to create distorting effects that sound like that of scraping analog radio, or inherently lo-fi sound sources, like old video games.

Rate display
Down sample the signal to a minimum of 200 Hz.

Bits knob
Quantize the amplitude of each sample of the signal. A lower value will result in a more distorted sound.

ADC Q knob
Quality of the analog-to-digital conversion. A lower value will add dissonant aliasing in the low frequencies.

DAC Q knob
Quality of the digital-to-analog conversion. A lower value will add dissonant aliasing in the high frequencies.

Dither knob
Adds noise to the signal in order to reduce distortion caused by quantization.
Mix knob The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through.

Settings panel
Whenever you have your mouse cursor over a snapin there is a small arrow at the top right corner (not visible in screenshot). It opens a settings panel where you handle presets.
It also has a "randomize" button that can be useful. I guess...

Enabled checkbox
The small checkbox to the left of the plugin name is a checkbox that bypasses the effect when disabled.

Resize handle
The bottom right corner of all Kilohearts plugins is a resize handle for scaling the UI to any size. This allows you to get a good view of the controls whatever the screen resolution, and also comes in handy if you need big controls, e.g. when using Bitcrush as a real-time effect on a touchscreen monitor during a live set. (This is not available when the snapin is used inside a snapin host.)

System Requirements:

  • 2 GHz or faster
  • 1 GB or more
Operating system:
  • Windows or MacOS
Note that we only support OS versions supported by their respective manufacturers.
If you're using an outdated OS version please try our free trials to ensure compatibility before making any purchases.
Available plugin formats:
  • VST 2.4
  • VST 3
  • Audio Unit
  • AAX
All plugin formats in 64-bit only.

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