LANDR FX Electric - multi-FX plugin

Add richness, gloss and classic effects to your electric guitar and synth tracks across multiple styles and genres.

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Features & System requirements

LANDR FX Electric: Get Huge Guitars and Wide Synths with One Knob

Punch up your electric guitar and synth leads with 50 tailored presets for everything from crunch and grit to smooth spatial effects. LANDR FX Electric helps your leads stand out the way they should.

Powerful presets

Fast track your creativity with 50 meticulously crafted presets that deliver polished sound instantly.

Simple control

Get to the sound you crave faster with an easy-to-use blender dial that takes the guesswork out of complex mixing techniques.

Electrify your next track

  • 50 perfectly tailored presets that add shine and polish to your mix
  • Great for pumping up electric guitar, synth leads, bass and more
  • Amazing creative presets like Auto Wah, Giant and Punky to keep you inspired

Put your productions into overdrive

  • Make your leads stand out instantly with the perfect shape and tone
  • Take control of your guitar, bass, synths and more with a single plugin
  • Discover new color and character for your tracks in seconds

System Requirements:


  • MacOS X 10.14 or higher
  • Apple Silicon Native or Intel
  • (VST3, AU, AAX)


  • Windows 10 (64 bit) or higher
  • (VST3, AAX)

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