Lisam Trap Pop Sounds - Indie pop trap (Loops One Shots)

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LABEL: Obeat Records



SAMPLESOUND is proud to present Lisam, a collection of indie-pop trap samples produced by Obeat Records. Obeat Records has created a fresh new trap sample pack. You can find some of the best-curated samples to help your music stand out in this one-of-a-kind product. With this modern collection of loops and sounds, you'll be able to create the hottest songs with ease!

Lisam's soothing soundscape of ambient trap-influenced chill harkens back to artists like Alex Lustig and Shallou. Allow your listeners some headspace by taking them on an atmospheric journey with this fantastic collection of transcendent pads, guitar riffs, and luminescent beats. Enjoy tracks created by producers with a keen ear for the nuances in sound that make great music.

This indie trap sample pack contains 33 drum loops, 34 melodic loops, and 12 melodic one-shots. Melodic loops break down to include guitar, piano, 808, and chord loops. 10 kick one-shots, 10 clap snare one-shots, and 7 cymbal shots make it easy to create an entire soundscape for your tracks! As an added bonus, this sample pack includes 10 magnificent effects. You will receive 19 Midi files to help you compose a new song right away using the chord progression or melody embedded within each file. This sample pack with trap loops and one-shots is key and tempo labeled. All of this comes at a 100% royalty-free price point. What more could an artist want?

With the purchase of this royalty-free sample pack, you'll gain access to a wide variety of creative and uplifting samples that will bring your music productions up to speed. The best part is there are no hidden costs once purchased, so use them in commercial releases without worry!


  • 33 Drum Loops
  • 34 Melodic Loops (Guitar, Piano, 808 and choord loops)
  • 12 Melodic One shot
  • 10 Kick One Shot
  • 10 Clap/Snare One Shot
  • 7 Cymbal Shot
  • 10 Effects
  • 19 Midi Files
  • Key & Tempo Labeled
  • 100% Royalty-Free