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LABEL: Audio Strasse

Lo Fi Raw Melodies Samples by Audio Strasse

Lo-fi Music has origins and influences from Boom-Bap/ New York Underground instrumentals, 60's and 70's jazz samples and then also developed in the early 90’s electronic music. It’s name is from the term “low-Fidelity” and it’ s characterized by sounds of vinyl crackle, tape hiss and sample distortion which are used in different ways.

Audio strasse strikes again with an essential collection of distorted, warm, woozy & saturated loops and environmental interference textures that give you a sudden sensation of underground Lo-Fi.

This pack contains of gritty Chords loops, tape-filtered Melody loops, fuzzy Pad loops and processed 


  • 55 24-bit wav files
  • 15 Lo-Fi Chord Loops
  • 14 Lo-Fi Melody Loops
  • 13 Lo-Fi Pad Loops
  • 13 Lo-Fi Texture Loops