Melodic Underground Techno (24-bit Wave files)

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LABEL: Audio Strasse

Melodic Underground Techno by Audio Strasse

A Melody is a linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity.

In its most literal sense, a melody is a combination of pitch and rhythm, while more figuratively, the term can include successions of other musical elements such as tonal color.

In the Techno music, the melodies composed by sophisticated arpeggiators and last-generation sequencers, give to the sound a unique and unmistakable soul.

With this fantastic collection, audiostrasse has worked to create a modern concept of melodic techno by keeping the freedom of the underground creative expression and appreciation of artistic individuality as opposed to the highly formulaic composition of commercial music and to conformity of the current mainstream trends.

The creative use of the technology from the Berliner producer, such as drum machines and synthesizers, is viewed as an important aspect of the identity of this sample pack.

Drum machines from the 1980s such as Roland's TR-808 and TR-909 have an important role in this music genre, and the armonic passage of the synth notes, determineate its characteristic.

Pack Contents:

  • 24-bit
  • 261 wav files
  • 108 Midi
  • 36 Bass Loops
  • 50 Drum Loops
  • 30 Efx
  • 40 Melodic Loops
  • 32 Percussion Loops
  • 24 Underground Motions
  • 11 Underground Pads
  • 38 Single Hits

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

• House
• Minimal/Deep Tech
• Trance