Melodies from Anatolia - Greek, Turkish, Armenian & Arabic Instruments

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LABEL: Symphonic for Production

Symphonic Production, in collaboration with Advance Music Library, brings to you Melodies From Anatolia.

This fantastic pack features some of Greece’s finest musicians and provides over 900 production-ready phrases performed by soloists from the Mediterranean and Anatolia region.

You’ll hear instruments from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, and the Arab world, such as kaval, kanun, violin, percussion, bouzouki, duduk, ancient greek lyra and vocals.

All members of the Advance Music Library team are experienced soloists with impressive careers, and have performed worldwide.

They are each true masters of their instrument, so that all the melodies are played exceptionally well, providing a real feel and respecting the local music idioms.

No need to travel to book these musicians in the studio – all is there in the pack! You will find some great taxims – which are long form solos which can be used as intros, outros, along with loops and phrases.

Here’s a list of the soloist featured on the pack:

  • Yannis Poulios: Violin
  • Apostolis Vangelakis aka VANGA: Armenian duduk, Greek clarinet, Greek Bouzouki, Bulgarian Kaval, & Saxophone.
  • Roula Tsernou: Vocals
  • Statis Sourkeas: Percussion
  • Vaggelis Karipis: Percussion
  • Thanasis Kleopas: Ancient Greek Lyra (lyra of Apollo)
  • Ilias Mantikos: Kanun


  • 17 Full Music Loops
  • 752 Melodic Loops and Phrases
  • 88 Bouzouki
  • 289 Clarinet
  • 62 Duduk
  • 22 Kanun
  • 113 Kaval
  • 39 Lyra
  • 100 Saxophone
  • 19 Violin
  • 21 Vocals
  • 149 Percs Loops
  • 23 Bendir
  • 9 Daouli
  • 41 Darbuka
  • 22 Davul
  • 8 Ensemble
  • 6 Ntefi
  • 40 Riq