Minimal Studio Essential - Minimal - Tech House - Deep House

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LABEL: Samplesdesign

Minimal Studio Essential by Samplesdesign

Minimalism born from the need of minimalist composers to make abstract avant-garde music of the early 1960s more accessible.

The modern version of minimal music is based on the constant repetition of simple patterns and is characterized by minimal sounds that combine Deep House and Minimal Techno influences.

Among the most common rhythms of the stylistics there are the "kick" and the "hi-hat" while another recurring element, are the short samplings that include those of synthesized instruments and keyboards.

The Minimal Studio Essential sample pack is a unique collection composed with latest generation analog instruments.


  • 20 x Bass Loops
  • 50 x Drum Loops
  • 15 x Glitch Loops
  • 20 x Percussion Loops
  • 15 x Efx Loops
  • 30 x Synth Loops
  • 40 x One Shots