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Modular Synths

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To range a sound or a tone, to obtain a melodic effect; adjust the cadence harmoniously, the timbre, tone or the intensity.

This is a clear definition that identifies the meaning of a term that still represents the past, the present and the future of the music production.

The concept of a musical work evolves into a process of numerous aggregations that allow a composition to become infinite in principle.

A modular project is a work in progress.

Once a composition is completed, anyone can join in and take part to it, by adding new modules or even by removing modules that are considered unsuitable.

The using of the modules, attracts new artists and stimulate them to create new works or compositions to be combined with the old instruments.

Audiostrasse is back with one of the most requested products of the moment with a new collection of Synth originated by the real modular sound that is expanded and extended in time, space and size.

The well-known Berlin producer, has developed and got a result That Can Satisfy the needs of All Those who dream of having a structure capable of giving a soul to each track.

Pack Details:

• 99 x 24-bit wav
• 66 x Modular Synths
• 17 x Evolution Synths
• 16 Background Synths
• 162 Mb of synths combined with modern modular technology

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

• Minimal
• Trance