Ashram Sounds

ASHRAM Sounds Organic House Downtempo Template 1 for Ableton Live


Ashram Sounds present Organic House Downtempo Template 1

With this Organic House Downtempo template for Ableton Live 10 you can learn how a song is structured and you can change sounds and MIDI notes according to your taste to produce your own track.

Inspired by Innervisions, DJ Dixon, Bar 25, Sol Selectas...


Ableton Live Suite 10.1 (or higher) required

  • Audio tracks: 5
  • Midi tracks: 5
  • Drum racks: 1
  • Synth racks: 4
  • Send/Return channels: 2
  • Mastering chain: Yes
  • Root Note: Emaj
  • Tempo: 120bpm
  • Download Size: 137MB