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LABEL: Easy Sounds


Easy Sounds is back with a new hig quality Techno pack!

Great Drums & vibes from Techno. Unique and exclusive Techno sound designed to create amazing rhythmic grooves combined with the most powerful electronic percussion. Sounds inspired by the main Techno artists of the moment like Oscar Mulero, Tensal, Reeko among others. 

You will have at your hands many different loops structured in categories to build-in easy and intuitive way any track you propose... Acoustic and analog toms, organic hi hats, strong kicks and different bass lines to get your grooves to another level. Also you will find endless beatloops to facilitate creativity and design authentic hits.

With a lot of drum hits you will add to your sound library some of the highest level samples with which you will be able to start from 0 your most elaborate and personal productions. You will find all the necessary elements for it. All the sounds are carefully recorded and treated with a first level processing equipment.

Also you will find some bonus items with FX to give special character to your own productions.
The pack offers a perfect equilibrium of loops & samples 100% royalty-free in order to create full killing productions in different moods of actual Techno sound.

 In detail, you are getting: 245 .wav / 24 bits / 44.100 Hz Files..




  • 40 Beat Loops
  • 26 Hi Hat Loops
  • 21 Percussion Loops
  • 42 Music Loops
  • 15 Kick Loops
  • 26 Hi Hat
  • 15 Kicks
  • 25 Percussion

  • 35 Fx







We know you put your heart, soul and everything else into your productions.
With our team of specialised sound engineers,
we ensure your productions get the industry leading attention to detail they deserve. 

We offer mastering and mixing services by our mastering engineer who has 10 years experience in the industry

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