Pro Tools Studio - Perpetual 1yr Updates/ Support Renewal

Pro Tools | Studio Perpetual Annual Updates + Support Plan Renewal

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Features & System requirements

This item renews the AVID Support and Updates plan for an existing Perpetual Licence. The existing Support Plan must still be active when this renewal is applied. For licences where the previous support plan has expired, please use the New Support Contract version of this item.

    System Requirements:

    April 26th, 2022

    • Updates:
    • Pro Tools 2022.4 release
    • Support Added
    • Apple's new MacBook Pro and Mac Studio now qualified with Pro Tools 2022.4
    • Windows 11 build 21H2 & Windows 10 build 21H2 now supported with Pro Tools 2022.4
    • Support Removed
    • Late 2016 Mac Book Pro 13,x no longer supported
    • Late 2014 Mac Mini 7,1 no longer supported
    • Mid 2013 MacBook Air 6,x no longer supported
    • HP Z820 no longer supported

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