Rave Synths - Techno Sample Pack (Synth Wet and Dry Wave and Midi)

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LABEL: Audio Strasse

Rave Synths Sample Pack by Audio Strasse

The word "Rave" comes from the English verb to rave, which means "enthusiasm" but also, "recrimination".

Born in the late eighties, mostly of Techno, Goa, Acid House, or Psy-Trance music, the Rave parties are characterised by the fast music and light games.

They are usually kept in isolated spaces, for example within abandoned industrial areas or in large open spaces such as fields, caves and forests, with a duration varying from one night to more than a week.

Audiostrasse is back with an interesting collection of synths that recalls this phenomenon in the early 1980s when collective sound system began to emerge, organizing free entrance parties in abandoned aviation fields or at the top of the hills, gathering a mixed crowd Lovers of the genre.

Due of the growing number of nightclubs, discos and music clubs, the use of the word "Rave" has lost most of its original ideological connotations.

This is the reason why the German producer has had the desire to bring this concept of party by elaborating some typical sounds of this phenomenon in DRY and WET mode.

A unique opportunity to make a leap in the past and to be part of the history of electronic music.

Pack Contents:

  • 30 Synths (Wet)
  • 30 Synths (Dry)
  • 30 Midi Files

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

  • • Electro House
  • • Hard Dance